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For the full feature set and best experience, we recommend using a Chromium-based browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Vivaldi.

BigBlueButton version 2.7


Echo test

The BigBlueButton echo test is deactivated the first time you dial into a conference. If you still want to call it up, first dial in via microphone. Then click on the arrow "Change audio device" on the microphone button. Select "Leave Audio" and then again the headphone button "Join audio". Now the echo test appears when dialing in with microphone.


BigBlueButton runs on mobile devices with iPadOS and iOS 12.2 or later, Android 6.0 or later, and computers with the latest versions of Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, etc.) and Firefox.

Internet connection

Ensure a stable Internet connection by connecting via cable or WLAN in the 5 GHz band at best and disable downloads in the background. Also make sure that your operating system does not automatically change the connection type during the conference - in this case you will have to reconnect with audio and video.

Screen sharing

Note that you cannot share your screen on Android. In iOS and iPadOS, the screen can only be shared via the BigBlueButton Tablet app.

Error messages

If you receive error messages when activating audio and video connections, check your network settings: A firewall may be blocking the connection. You can find the required releases in the FAQ Portal. Members of the TU Dresden can usually reach BigBlueButton without any problems in the TU Dresden network, which can be accessed e.g. via OpenVPN, for example. If connection problems occur in the campus network, please contact your local IT administration.